Evaluation of the AMAMUS Vet System by Dr. Göggerle 


"In a first step, we used the AMAMUS Vet System for wound treatment. The system proved to be very useful especially in stages when wounds are still moist. We got the impression that the combination of sodium hypochloride, coldPlasma and micro-silver/ hyaluronan lead to a quicker and better healing of wounds. Impressive were:

  • the growth of wound beds as well as granulation tissue,
  • the effective repression of infections and
  • the rapid decline of swellings.

These cases convinced us that using AMAMUS Vet System helps reduce the use of antibiotics while simultaneously accelerating wound healing. In all cases, systemic antibiotics have been used to aid local therapy. However, we are certain that the use of AMAMUS Vet System will enable us to further reduce systemic antibiotics in the future. Therefore, we have added the system to our treatment protocol and are optimistic that we will extend its application range to treat other dermatological issues such as pyoderma and mycoses."