AMAMUS Vet Dermgel and Dermcream

Our third technology utlizes the proven combination of hyaluronan and micro-silver. Hyaluronan as part of the extracellular matrix is especially effective in supporting tissue formation as well as regeneration of the skin. In the early exudation phase it supports the natural inflammation process. During the granulation phase, it lays out the matrix in which the cells and blood vessels will be able to grow into. During the Epithelisation phase and together with the also included lipids, it then supports a quick reconstruction of the skin barrier

micro-silver consists of highly porous silver particles which due to their minimal size (ca. 5-10µm) remain on the skin for a long time. Little by little, antimicrobial silver ions dissolve from the surface of these silver particles (depot effect). As long as such particles are present, new silver ions are being formed which sustainably lowers the bacerial load on the skin. Therefore, regeneration processes can take place without disruption by external germs.

dermgel content


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