AMAMUS Vet Wound & Ear Rinse

The AMAMUS Vet wound and ear rinse is an electro-chemically activated salt water immersion. The ratio  of <0,06% of the resulting sodium hypochloride with its preserving properties leads to a gentle and highly efficient healing of the wound.

  • Highly effective cleansing
  • Reduces biofilms and coatings
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Applicable for pseudonomas and MRSA
  • No restrictions in the duration of application
  • Excellent tissue compatibility
  • No formation of resistances


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electro-chemically activated salt water immersion (ECA)

The chemical composition and the physical characteristics of the brine and the water are passing through a special kind of electrolysis cells. This process speifically influences the liquid's chemistry to create a potent, efficient and widely applicable solution.
Contrary to human and animal cells, microorganisms do not possess protective mechanisms that could prevent the penetration of the ECA solution into the cell. The diffusion is a physical process that destroys the cell membrane in its integrity. Proteins that operate vital functions of the cell are oxidized preferrably. As a result, microorganisms that come into contact with ECA die off so rapidly that the development of resistance mechanisms cannot take place.

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)

Sodium hypochlorite fairly quickly splits off oxygen atoms which dock onto the cell membranes of viruses, bacteria and fungi. As a result, these cell membranes can no longer resist the osmotic pressure and become permeable. 


Effective cleansing:

As the molecular size significantly decreases during the formation of the ECA technology, the AMAMUS Vet Wound & Ear Rinse stands out due to its very low surface tension which enables optimal cleansing effects - even in small treatment areas


Excellent Tolerability

Both in cytotoxicity testing as well as allergy testing and during the chicken embryo test (HET-CAM Test), the AMAMUS Vet Wound & Ear Rinse provided excellent results.


Naturally sustainable

The natural source materials - water and mineral salt - are the basis of the environmental friendliness of our products. ECA solutions do not contain any organic chemistry. Therefore, there is no negative impact on the environment whatsoever - neither during production nor during application or disposal. Consequently, ECA products are the more ecological alternative for many areas of application.


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